FEELED re-imagines stadium sports and athletics through a neo-logic of individual and team “sport” actions. The impetus is gut feeling instead of domination. Instead of championing the gladiator who conquers to stay on top, we create events where emotional athleticism will bring all players to their knees. Our inefficient psychosomatic urges imagine a politic that we don't yet know how to write or read but that we attempt to embody.

Feeled Rules:

JUNE 5&6, 2016: WIVES presented FEELED in Montreal as part of OFFTA 2016 at Theatre La Licorne, Montreal. FEELED was awarded the Bourse à l'Audace given each year by the OFFTA and the Caisse de la Culture.

WIVES: Emma-Kate Guimond, Aisha Sasha John, Julia Thomas
BALL BOYS: Max Kelly, Vronsky B
COSTUMES: Marie-Christine Quenneville
STAGE MANAGER: Mélanie Granger

The first tournament of "feeled" was held in May 2015 at HATCH Performing Artist Residency at Harbourfront Centre , Toronto

WIVES: Emma-Kate Guimond, Leah Fay Goldstein, Julia Thomas
BALL BOYS: Max Kelly, Abe Sanjakdar

FEELED was created with the support of Hatch Performing Arts Residency, The Ontario Arts Council and the OAC Theatre Creator's Reserve via SummerWorks