Forget option A and option B, and invent option 4: ASSEMBLÉE is a new platform for artists who work with their own bodies and divergent materials to tackle the problems of form itself.

The November 5&6, 2016 edition of ASSEMBLÉE featured performances by:

lo bil (Toronto).

Raphaële Frigon & Jes Dolan (Montreal).

Jessica Karuhanga (Toronto).

an animation by Sarah Pupo (Montreal).

WIVES present ASSEMBLÉE as Studio 303’s first Curators-in-residence. We take this opportunity to build on the earlier ENGAGEMENT PARTY (April 2016, also at Studio 303, featuring Ellen Furey, Julie Laurin and Lisa Smolkin along with a performance by WIVES.) Through ASSEMBLÉE, WIVES aligns with other artists to promote performance that defies classification. WIVES, as a collective body, assembles to find what forms to take. As an extension of that practice, we are presenting artists who, through radical disobedience to norms, reevaluate what is legitimate and what is possible.